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How to Log Out of Gmail

When the email session ends, it’s time to log out. What’s the simplest way to gmail correo iniciar sesion log beyond Gmail? This article will explain to you all the techniques to do it, whether you’re on your desktop, laptop, or mobile device. Read on!.

EditMethod 1 of 3: In Your Browser

1-Open your Gmail page (, and In the very best right corner click on your own photo or email address contact information. From the popup, click “Sign out.”

EditMethod 2 of 3: On Your Phone

1-Go to At the bottom left, you will note your email address. Click that, and through the popup menu, select “Sign away from all accounts.”
EditMethod 3 of 3: From the G+ App

1-Open Google+, and in the superior left corner, tap the Menu icon (three horizontal bars).
This opens the left side navigation column.

2- Tap Settings. This will open the Settings control panel.

3- Tap “Sign out.” This will log you away from your Google+ session.[1]

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If you’re logged into Gmail on multiple computers, see a bottom of one’s Gmail page, click Details, then click “Sign out all other sessions.”


Always make sure to log from Gmail when utilizing a public computer.

How to Change Your Gmail Password

You might want to change your Gmail password because you’re worried that someone may know your password, or just because it’s advisable to change your password every now and then to protect your safety. Whatever your reason for wanting to change your Gmail password, you can learn, to do this first to get it done in under a minute by using these simple steps.


1-Log straight into your Gmail account. Type in your username and password.

2- Click on the gear. This button appears to be a small cog and is also located near the very best right corner of the screen.

3- Select “Settings.” It’s the fourth category from the most notable of the drop-down menu. This will open the Settings menu.

4- Select “Accounts and Import.” It’s the fourth item in the left of the most notable of the Settings tool bar.

5- Select “Change Password.” It’s the first option at the superior of the page. This will open a new window called “My Account.”

6- Type in your present password.

7- Type in a new password. As you type it, you will note the strength with the password to the left in the new password. Pick a password which has a high strength for your own personel security.

8- Confirm your new password.

9- Click “Change Password.”



It’s useful to have a second email account. That way, you can link it to your Gmail, and possess your password information sent to that account should you ever forget your Gmail password.

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